Aruba AP-303 (RW) Dual 2x2:2 MU-MIMO Radio Internal Antennas Unified Campus AP JZ320A RENEW

Typ Wi-Fi aktívneho prvku:Acces Pointy, Bridge; Komunikačné pásmo:5 GHz; Pripojenie externej antény.... viac
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Aruba AP-303 (RW) Dual 2x2:2 MU-MIMO Radio Internal Antennas Unified Campus AP JZ320A RENEW

Aruba AP-303 (RW) Dual 2x2:2 MU-MIMO Radio Internal Antennas Unified Campus AP
- Unified AP - funguje s kontrolerem alei bez něj (Instant)
- 1x GE port
- Dual Radio 2x2 802.11ac access point s Multi-User MIMO (wave 2)
- přenosová rychlost až 867 Mbps na 5Ghz a 300 Mbps na 2,4Ghz
- zabudované Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) radio
- napájení pomocí externího zdroje, Power Injectoru nebo PoE Switche
- Doživotní záruka po dobu prodeje AP + 5 let po ukončení prodeje
- Rozsáhlá síť servisních středisek HP v ČR a na Slovensku

Low-cost 802.11ac wave 2 enterprise connectivity

The affordable mid-range Aruba 303 Series campus access point delivers high performance 802.11ac with MU-MIMO (wave 2) for medium density enterprise environments. With the integrated BLE and supporting 802.3af power, the Aruba 303 Series AP enables enterprises to improve their work efficiency and productivity with the lowest TCO.

The compact Aruba 303 Series AP delivers a maximum concurrent data rate of 867 Mbps in the 5GHz band and 300 Mbps in the 2.4GHz band (for an aggregate peak data rate of 1.2Gbps). Featuring 2x2:2SS, the Aruba 303 is designed for medium device density environments, such as schools, retail branches, warehouses, hotels and enterprise offices, where the environment is cost sensitive.

IoT platform capabilities

Like all Aruba Wi-Fi 6 APs, the 303 Series includes an integrated Bluetooth 5 and 802.15.4 radio (for Zigbee support) to simplify deploying and managing Meridian and IoT-based location services, asset tracking services, security solutions and IoT sensors. This allows organizations to leverage the AP as an IoT platform, which eliminates the need for an overlay infrastructure and additional IT resources.

Choose your Operating Mode

The Aruba 303 Series Access Points offer a choice of deployment and operating modes to meet your unique management and deployment requirements:

The 303 Series AP is a unified AP that supports both controller-based and controller-less deployment modes, providing maximum flexibility.
Controller-based mode - When deployed in conjunction with an Aruba Mobility Controller, Aruba 303 Series Access Points offer centralized configuration, data encryption, policy enforcement and network services, as well as distributed and centralized traffic forwarding.
Controller-less (Instant) mode - The controller function is virtualized in a cluster of APs in Instant mode. As the network grows and/or requirements change, Instant deployments can easily migrate to controller-based mode.
Remote AP (RAP) mode for branch deployments
Air monitor (AM) for wireless IDS, rogue detection and containment
Spectrum analyzer (SA), dedicated or hybrid, for identifying sources of RF interference
Secure enterprise mesh portal or point
For large installations across multiple sites, the Aruba Activate service significantly reduces deployment time by automating device provisioning, firmware upgrades, and inventory management. With Aruba Activate, the APs can be factory-shipped to any site and configure themselves when powered up.

WI-FI Antennas

AP-303: Internal antenna models.
- Two vertically polarized dual-band downtilt omni-directional antennas for 2x2 MIMO with peak antenna gain of 3.3dBi (2.4GHz) and 5.9dBi (5GHz) per antenna.

- The antennas are optimized for horizontal ceiling mounted orientation of the AP. The downtilt angle for maximum gain is roughly 30 degrees.

  • Combining the patterns of both antennas per radio, the peak gain of the average (effective) pattern is 2.1dBi in 2.4GHz and 4.6dBi in 5GHz.
Typ Wi-Fi aktívneho prvku
Acces Pointy, Bridge
Komunikačné pásmo
5 GHz
Pripojenie externej antény

Aruba AP-303 (RW) Dual 2x2:2 MU-MIMO Radio Internal Antennas Unified Campus AP JZ320A RENEW

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